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22 February, 2011

Red Carpet Green Dress Contest

Suzy Amis Cameron today announced the winner of her Red Carpet Green Dress contest ( - an international competition, benefiting MUSE School CA and MUSE Global, to create a dress made of sustainable materials. The 2011 winner is Samata Angel, a London-based fashion entrepreneur who will be flown to Los Angeles to have her own model walk the "red" (green) carpet at the Global Green pre-Oscar party on February 23rd in Hollywood.

Los Angeles, Calif.  February 2011

Suzy Amis Cameron today announced the winner of her Red Carpet Green Dress contest ( - an international competition, benefiting MUSE School CA and MUSE Global, to create a dress made of sustainable materials. The 2011 winner is Samata Angel, a London-based fashion entrepreneur who will be flown to Los Angeles to have her own model walk the "red" (green) carpet at the Global Green pre-Oscar party on February 23rd in Hollywood.

Quote startWhen I started Red Carpet Green Dress last year, the goal was to build environmental awareness while helping to educate young people around the worldQuote end

The Red Carpet Green Dress competition benefits MUSE Global and MUSE School California - a non-profit Amis Cameron founded to provide resources to partner schools around the world. This includes assistance for basic school operations, curriculum development, and nutritious lunches for every student.

"When I started Red Carpet Green Dress last year, the goal was to build environmental awareness while helping to educate young people around the world," said Amis Cameron. "How fitting that this year's winner is a talented woman from London with roots in Ghana. Samata Angel has a keen eye for design and a deep appreciation for sustainability. I can't wait to see her stunning design at this year's Global Green pre-Oscar party."

Samata and her model will be brought to Los Angeles to stay for four nights at the beautiful Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, receive a private tour of MUSE School CA, and meet with Suzy Amis Cameron and her husband, Academy Award® winning director and producer James Cameron.

"I am thrilled to be this year's Red Carpet Green Dress Winner," said Samata Angel. "When I heard about the opportunity to design a dress that was also sustainable, I knew I had to participate. I've always loved designing womenswear, and as we deal with real environmental challenges, I believe good design that is also beautiful can be part of the solution. What an honor to be selected, and I look forward to showing my work on the green carpet. This is an amazing opportunity for me!"

Samata (R) with Runway Model (L)

About MUSE School CA 
MUSE School CA, a non-profit, educational organization in Topanga, California, is dedicated to empowering children to realize the full potential of their lives through academic excellence, personal responsibility, compassionate relations, global consciousness and environmental awareness. On a 22-acre campus in Topanga Canyon, California, children from across the socio-economic spectrum are stimulated and empowered with experience-based learning. Bodies are nurtured with fresh organic foods and an honor for all living things, including the planet, is cultivated daily. The MUSE School CA Scholarship Fund enables us to provide financial aid to nearly 50% of our families.

MUSE Global, MUSE School CA's growing international education and outreach program, facilitates real-world friendships, deep cultural understanding and meaningful shared projects between MUSE School CA students and students at partner schools Mana Tamariki in New Zealand and Good Morning School on the Thai/Burma (Myanmar) border. The Global Program also provides educational and financial resources to a partner school with substantial needs. In Mae Sot, Thailand, just across the Thai/Burmese (Myanmar) border, Good Morning School educates the children of migrant workers who have escaped genocide in Burma (Myanmar.) As MUSE works to help achieve a sustainable future, the children are sharing curricula, working cooperatively and experiencing the cultural appreciation that brings to life the concept of compassionate global citizenry.

MUSE: inspiring children to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet. 

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18 February, 2011

Salon du Mariage Bio & Chic à Paris

In case you missed it, Paris had an Eco Wedding Salon in early February where wedding services and necessities that were displayed all had an eco-friendly slant.  Not only that, but the the location where it took place is an environmentally-friendly exhibit hall.  If you don't read French, just use a web browser's translation tool, such as Chrome, to help out.

L’organisation du mariage Wedding planner, Lieux de réception, Vins et Champagnes bio, Fleuristes, Photographes, Location de véhicules, Restaurants, Traiteurs

Mode Robe de mariée et Vêtements en fibres naturelles, Costumes de marié, Chaussures, Sacs, Bijoux, Accessoires de mode, Vêtements enfants, Lingerie, Chapeaux …

Imprimeurs Papiers recyclés

Beauté Bien être Maquillage, Produits cosmétiques bio, Parfums, Huiles essentielles, Spa, Thalasso et Remise en forme, Coiffure, Massage, Hammam, Relaxation, Coaching, Réflexologie, Shiatsu…

Cadeaux et liste de mariage Objets, déco, Bougies, Voyage de noce, Art de La table, Aménagement intérieur et extérieur  MORE INFO HERE

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Le salon du Mariage Bio &Chic, c’est l’évènement d’un mariage entre un lieu et un concept bio, écolo et chic.

Le Comptoir Général est un lieu équipé et géré de façon à réduire l’impact environnemental des événements accueillis (isolation optimisée, récupération des eaux de pluie, utilisation prioritaire de matériaux recyclés, de produits bio...).

Le concept du salon est de défendre des modes de création et de production respectant l’homme et l’environnement.

Nouvelle tendance pour certains, philosophie pour d’autres, les français sont de plus en plus préoccupés par l’écologie et le développement durable.

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Green Film Sets Q&A with Ryan Pomeranz, Director/Producer

The Following Q & A with filmmaker Ryan Pomeranz was re-posted from Production Hub...

Q: What was the inspiration for Theodore is Dying and why did you decide to go green for this project?

A: Theodore is Dying (TID) was made as part of an MFA program at UCF in "Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema." I knew I wanted to do a feature once I got my BFA and the program at UCF gave me the means to do it. It's amazing how much a mandate and a deadline can act as inspiration. 

Theodore is Dying tells four different stories dealing with themes of death and rebirth, which is something I knew I wanted to explore when I started writing it. I think it's a normal part of life to hit these points of demarcation where you can draw a line and say "this is where everything changed." Whether it's the loss of a loved one, or the end of a long-term relationship, or whatever, at some point you're going to have to pick up and start over, and that's what each character in the film is faced with.

Q: What kind of equipment did you use for this film and how did it affect the going green initiative?

A: We shot HD on the Sony EX-3. Obviously shooting digitally is more environmentally sound as opposed to shooting on film. You end up avoiding the use of environmentally damaging materials that are used to both make and process the film. Our first goal when deciding to shoot digitally was (like most people I would assume) to keep costs down. 

Q: What was the budget for this film and how did you achieve success on such an “ultra-low budget”?

A: The budget for TID was $35,000. Certainly the reason we had a successful shoot comes from the incredible crew we had working on the film. It was important to us (Producer Allie Kenyon and I) to surround ourselves with people that we had worked with before and/or had absolute confidence in. Making a film with this small of a budget, in a somewhat unfamiliar location, comes with an extra set of challenges, but having a talented dedicated crew can absolutely make the difference between whether those challenges are surmountable or not. 

Q: What are some tips that you could give other filmmakers working on feature films with low budgets?

A: This is sort of a hard question to answer because I feel like every situation is different. Once again I would say making sure you surround yourself with people you trust is one of the most important things you can do. As a director or a producer you're not going to be able to handle every "fire" that flares up, so having a great production manager and a great 1st AD (We had the amazing Meredith Kaulfers and Alix Duggins respectively) is absolutely essential. 

My other advice would be to make the film as "above the table" as possible. This isn't to say you shouldn't steal shots when you need to, but the more preparation and paperwork you finish in pre-pro, the less hassles and potential legal pitfalls you'll face when it's time to distribute or even (God forbid) sell your movie. We had a great lawyer that was willing to work with our budget and our specific situation. Shop around because many entertainment lawyers are willing to work with first time filmmakers. The last thing you want is to end up with an amazing film you can't do anything with. 

Q: Would you encourage other filmmakers to go green on set? What are some tips for making a set more eco- friendly?

A: I absolutely would recommend that filmmakers try to make their films in as sustainable a way as possible. Beyond sleeping better at night, we were also actually able to save money in production by going green. It's also been incredibly useful as a marketing tool.  Read MORE...

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14 February, 2011

Mad Men Take Paris

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was in Paris recently to accept the Vermeil Medal of Honor from Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe's cultural deputy.

Christina Hendricks and John Slattery, co-stars of the hit U.S. TV show, accompanied Weiner to celebrate the recently launched (in France) Sundance Channel.

The small Hotel de Ville gathering was followed by an exclusive cocktail for Rainbow Media Execs in Paris's 17th Arrondissement's newest Hotel Royal Parc Monceau.

During France's Cesar Award Month (the French equivalent to the Oscars) there is ample opportunity to discuss Eco Productions and Green Sets of which Mad Men has been an exemplary model. But MadMen in Paris? They rolled out the Red Carpet...Not the Green Carpet this time. Tant Pis!!

07 February, 2011

Six Senses Spa, Paris

by Paige Donner
The cocoons that Parisian architect Pierre David designed for the smallest of all the Six Senses spas are made from hand shaped light oak wood and are lined inside, like a Japanese lantern, by back lit paper. There are 4 single treatment cocoons and two for couples. There is no more ideal setting to receive a Paris Rooftop Honey Facial than inside one of these terrestrial cocoons.
A couple of blocks down from the bejeweled Place Vendome and a few up from the gorgeous Tuilieries Gardens, you will come upon the door of the Six Senses Spa. The first thing that strikes you as you ring their bell, will be the vertical planted “Living Garden” wall that hugs the polished wooden stairway leading down to the spa treatment area.
  Living walls have become popular indoor and outdoor urban features and not just in Paris. The Quai Branly Museum boasts a living wall on its exterior, and the Six Senses Spa boasts a living wall on its interior. You are immediately sealed off from the brouhaha of the busy Parisian street as the glass door is opened by remote pushbutton and you are welcomed into the warm and inviting sensorial spa waiting for you at the foot of the stairs.
The Living Wall is an important statement for Six Senses and goes well beyond a simple design choice. The entire philosophy of Six Senses spas are: SLOW LIFE. Sustainable Local Organic Wholesome. SLOW. Learning Inspiring Fun Experience. LIFE. The husband and wife team, Eva and Sonu Shivdasani who created Six Senses have embraced their service mantra, “Atithi Deva Bhava.” It means Guest is God in Sanskrit and they have scented their entire operation with that philosophy.
Hence, the Living Wall that is the first visual to greet you upon entry at rue Castiglione, Paris was chosen with the mindfulness that nature receives you into this oasis of wellbeing and healing. The Vertical Garden helps eliminate CO2 emissions and other toxic elements as well as being a refuge for biodiversity. On a subliminal level, the wall instantly signals to you that you are now in nature’s care and that more than just your physical beauty will be looked after.

Six Senses Spa rue Castiglione is a Green Globe Spa. Furthermore, it is most definitely a luxury, urban sanctuary.

Green Globe Spa Key Benchmarking Criteria: Environmental Policy; Energy
Consumption; Water Consumption; Waste Production; Social Commitment; Paper Products; Pesticide Products; Cleaning Chemicals; per Treatment Hours... READ Complete Article on Bonjour Paris...

03 February, 2011

Gavin Newsom Lays Out Green Agenda for California

By Tilde Herrera 


California may have a reputation as the trendsetting state that has given the world a range of technologies, but the next frontier of innovation will likely be in cities, according to its new lieutenant governor.

 Photo Courtesy Green Biz


"States are laboratories of democracy," said Gavin Newsom, "but cities are laboratories of innovation."

- - -


But Newsom, who promoted mandatory composting in San Francisco and implemented the city's plastic bag ban, plans to use his bully pulpit to promote cleantech opportunities throughout the state -- an even off our coasts by tapping the ocean for energy.

- - -


In an effort to make California a leader in electric cars, Newsom wants to install charging stations throughout California by utilizing the state's network of public rest stops in order to overcome consumer fears about EV driving ranges. He also wants to get the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program back on track to give homeowners and businesses a financing option for solar panels.


A final push from the lieutenant governor will focus on retrofitting the state's existing buildings, a two-pronged approach to improve energy efficiency and address California's high unemployment rate. Citing 2009 research, Newsom explained that a $1 billion investment in coal would yield 890 jobs, compared to 1,000-1,500 jobs in nuclear, 1,900 jobs in solar, and 3,300 jobs in wind.


(This article can be read at:


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