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27 October, 2011

Environmental Investment Organisation

Asked about the EIO and how it operates, 20 year old Katherine Belben, the NGO’sCommunications Coordinator, explained, "The EIO is the product of the current environmental and political climate. On the one hand we face impending environmental catastrophe which requires immediate action; and on the other we have world governments who appear incapable of reaching unified consensus to address the problem. The EIO has galvanised the support of a generation of people who, as well as wanting to glean knowledge and experience in an area set to become the growth engine of the 21st century, are simply not going to stand back and watch as that happens.”

“The required emissions reductions and investment in low carbon technologies can be achieved by creating a system which influences share price according to the environmental costs of a company’s actions. This is precisely what Environmental Tracking seeks to do,” added Sam Gill, Operations Director, Environmental Investment Organisation.

The Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), a UK based NGO supported by a global research network, aims to persuade more companies to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and report to higher standards with the launch of four new regional Carbon Rankings this week.


The series of Environmental Tracking (ET) Global Carbon Rankings, featuring over 1,200 of the world’s largest companies, is part of a broader strategy to create a global market mechanism designed to tackle climate change.


By pioneering an open source approach to collaborative working the EIO has made it easy for those eager to be part of the climate solution to contribute, hold the world’s biggest companies to account, and, implement a powerful mechanism.


Kicking off with the release of the ET North America 300 today at 11am (GMT+1) Monday 24.10.11, the EIO will be releasing a regional Ranking each day this week. The ET Asia Pacific 300ET BRICS 300 and an updated ET Europe 300 will follow on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each of these Rankings has been designed to put the spotlight on standards of public GHG emissions reporting across the world.


The Regional Rankings act as a precursor to the eagerly awaited ET Global 800, which looks purely at the largest 800 companies across the world without any geographical bias. This will go live at 11am (GMT) on Tuesday 1.11.11.


With the introduction earlier this month of the long awaited New Scope 3 Standard from theGreenhouse Gas Protocol (released 4.10.11), the EIO has taken a proactive approach to incentivise companies to adopt this important new standard in GHG Reporting. The finalised standard has been the result of a three year global multi-stakeholders process that included more than 2,300 participants and road-tested by 60 companies in 17 countries.


  • The Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) is a UK-based non-profit research body working in the field of eco-financial innovation. See  
  • Environmental Tracking 3.0the short publication outlining the concept behind the Carbon Rankings is available as a digital download or in hardcopy from
  • The EIO held an advance briefing on the launch of its Regional and Global Carbon Rankings last Friday 21.10.11 at the Carbon Show, London.
  • Current live Indexes:
  • The Environmental Tracking (ET) Carbon Rankings are compiled from publicly available emissions data taken from company sustainability reports, annual reports and websites. The Rankings and the fully transparent methodology behind them can be viewed online at
  • The rankings are comprised of four data bands according to the status of a company's data: A) complete, public, verified; B) complete, public but unverified; C) incomplete; and, D) no public data. In cases where there is no data available, companies are benchmarked against the worst performer in the same sector. Once in their respective categories, companies are ranked according to emissions intensity (emissions divided by turnover). Additionally, companies are advantaged according to the number of Scope 3 categories disclosed.

    Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice! 


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    Dying To Be Beautiful

    Peter Lamas shed light on the dangers of harsh chemicals hidden in common beauty products on October 22nd and 23rd, 2011 in Vancouver, B.C. At The West Coast Women's Show


    As one of the leading international make-up artists and beauty experts in the world, Mr. Lamas began his career at Vidal Sassoon in NYC 30 years ago and quickly became a go-to for such classic beauties such as Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Gloria Vanderbilt. Today the Peter Lamas brand is known worldwide for its line of 100% percent vegan, natural products with a cult following which boasts a number of beauty editors and celebrities.


    Celebrity beauty advisor and innovator in the natural beauty industry, Peter Lamas spoke at the largest and most successful women’s event in British Columbia, the West Coast Women's Show. The show, which took place in Vancouver, is one of the only events in B.C. where women can build relationships with literally thousands of other women and business professionals in one venue.

    Lamas discussed his popular book, “Dying to be Beautiful,” which aims to educate women on the dangers of hidden chemicals used in the beauty industry. Every day we all use an array of hair, skin, body and beauty products without ever asking ourselves whether they are safe or not. We incorrectly assume the Food and Drug Administration have tight regulations on these products. Unfortunately, there is little attention given to the fact that there are many potentially harmful ingredients that are widespread throughout the beauty industry. We go about our daily routine, applying products and ingredients directly to our skin, unknowing that they contain potent systemic toxins that are easily absorbed and can remain in our body for a very long time.

    Through extensive research and a passion to create healthier beauty products, Mr. Lamas founded the Peter Lamas brand with the overriding mission to deliver high-performance beauty products containing only healthy and natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals. Peter Lamas offers hair-care, skin-care, body-care and anti-aging products formulated with exotic botanicals, certified organic and natural ingredients. Lamas will also discuss the importance of using vegan and natural ingredients in products and reveal how they aid in enhancing one’s beauty – naturally



    16 October, 2011

    Cute EV Commercial - Renault ZE

    Revenge of The Electric Vehicle


    I'm pleased to announce that our new doc, Revenge of the Electric Car, begins its national theatrical rollout next week starting October 21 in LA and NY and then in 20+ cities over the next month (see list below).

    If you're in Los Angeles, please join us for our opening week launch at Landmark's NuArt and our Opening Weekend Airstream Lounge Party!

    Opening Week Screenings
    11272 Santa Monica Blvd, West LA, CA 90025

    Fri–Sat-Sun: 12:30 PM, 2:50, 5:10, 7:30, 9:50 (Oct. 21-23)
    Mon-Thurs: 5:10 PM, 7:30, 9:50 (Oct. 24-27)

    Tickets available now via this site:

    Opening Weekend Airstream Lounge Party
    Sat-Sun: 2PM - 10PM

    To support our opening weekend in LA on October 22-23, we're bringing in the electric cars from the movie and setting up shop in a vintage Airstream around the corner from the NuArt Theater. You'll find us next to Sideshow Books at 11323 Idaho Avenue. The Airstream Lounge is our all weekend drop-in cast and crew party for friends, media makers, and well-wishers. Come on by anytime from 2:30PM to 9:30PM to say hello to Gadget, Scarlett and other stars from our team, check out the EVs (Tesla, Leaf, Volt and Porsche), and hang out with us between screenings

    Co-Host a Screening at a Theater

    If your group would like to co-host one of our public screenings at the NuArt (or anywhere else during run of theater), we'll try to set it up with you. Choose a show-time from the list above (if LA), then send us an email and let us know about how many people you'd like to host. We'll try to arrange to have a Q&A with someone from the film there with you at your show. So far we have screenings with Causecast, Bioneers, GADA, LA Burning Man, the Black Rock Yearbook, Plugin America and Global Green.

    Thanks to everyone for spreading the word and making our opening week a success!



    From the Director of ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’
    Revenge of the Electric Car “Riveting... Highly entertaining” John Lopez, Vanity Fair
    Revenge of the Electric Car
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    NOVEMBER 4TH, 2011
    Berkeley, CA – Landmark Shattuck Cinemas
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    NOVEMBER 7TH, 2011
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    NOVEMBER 11TH, 2011
    Ann Arbor, MI – Michigan Theatre
    Chicago, IL – Gene Siskel Film Center
    Detroit, MI – Landmark Main Art Theatre
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    San Diego, CA – Landmark Ken Cinema
    Santa Rosa, CA – Summerfield Theatre
    Seattle, WA – Landmark Varsity Theatre

    NOVEMBER 18TH, 2011
    Philadelphia, PA – Landmark Ritz at the Bourse

    NOVEMBER 23RD, 2011
    St. Louis, MO – Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema

    NOVEMBER 25TH, 2011
    Denver, CO – Landmark Chez Artiste
    Washington, DC – Landmark E Street Cinema

    DECEMBER 2ND, 2011
    Atlanta, GA – Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

    JANUARY 5TH, 2011
    Honolulu, HI – Honolulu Academy of the Arts

    West Midwest Productions
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    08 October, 2011

    Leymah Roberta Gbowee Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    Nobel Prize Winner 2011! Leymah Roberta Gbowee

    <p><a href="">

    Leymah Roberta Gbowee</a> from ALOUDla on Vimeo.

    In a personal account of the communal power of women to change history, the founder of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace chronicles the unthinkable violence she’s confronted living through civil war and the peace she helped to broker by empowering her countrywomen and others around the world to take action.

    Monday, October 03, 2011

    Mighty Be Our Powers: How Sisterhood,
    Prayer, and Sex Changed a Nation at War 
    In conversation with Reverend Dr. Gwynne Guibord

    In a personal account of the communal power of women to change history, the founder of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace chronicles the unthinkable violence she’s confronted living through civil war and the peace she helped to broker by empowering her countrywomen and others around the world to take action.


    02 October, 2011

    Paris For Peace And Yoga

    Today, on the International Day of Non-Violence, Paris celebrated its first White Yoga Session on the Champ de Mars, under the elegant gaze of La Grande Dame, the Eiffel Tower. Already in its 7th year, this was the first time that event had taken place on the Champ de Mars.


    Modeled after the NYC Day of Yoga, free and open to willing participants, Paris organizers of the event admitted they'd had 6,500 people sign up on the website to attend this morning's hour-long practice in the 7th Arrondissement, en plein air. They had organized for and expected 2000 participants. 

    The practice was led in both English and French and an elegant Cellist played on stage, accompanying the entire session with live sitar-like music. Practitioners were from all ages, mature to the young, and attendees included mothers with infants, families with children, young couples, men, women and even a few of our furry friends. 

    Sponsors of the event which included BeYogaGo Sport,, Soy Joy, Lole, VaiVai and the Mairie de Paris, passed out complimentary yoga mats, t-shirts, energy bars, coconut water and tea and re-usable tote bags. 

    On this gorgeous October Sunday morning of Paris Fashion Week, a yoga respite en plein air was a welcomed and stimulating detox! Namaste!!

    All photos by Paige Donner c. 2011