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15 October, 2012

L'Essence Des Notes Perfume - Paris

by Paige Donner
Some of the freshest scents coming from Paris, France these days are from an artisan "parfumeur" dedicated not just to the clean purity of scents, but also to the clean purity of a perfume's composition. The woman behind the brand is Huong Mangin, a French woman whose family originated from Vietnam. Her perfumes are created in Grasse, the historic "perfume capital" of France, and, arguably, the world.

During the recent Rives de la Beaute' held in Paris this Autumn, much discussion surrounded the topic of "Scent as Art." To elaborate, the discussion's central point is about creating museums of scent, whereby a perfume can be held up, enshrined and admired as the piece of art, and historical reference point, that it is.


While she was designing her perfumes, Huong Mangin, General Manager of Fragrance et Beaute 

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