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15 October, 2010

10:10 Parisian Love

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10:10 France's Yann Arthus-Bertrand with mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë
10:10 France's Yann Arthus-Bertrand with mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë
The 10:10:10 celebrations received a massive boost yesterday when the city of Paris said a hearty "bonjour" to the 10:10 campaign. The pace at 10:10 HQ ahead of our Global Day Of Doing has been truly breathless - and we're just getting started. 
It's hard to think of a better start to 10:10:10 than the Parisian mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, signing a 10:10 pledge committing the entire French capital to dramatically cut its CO2 emissions.
GreenBlogNetwork Editorial:  [OK, we know it's from the SuperBowl but some Parisian Lovin' is always good...View Parisian Love Below]
<br /><b>Google Parisian Love - SuperBowl 2010</b><br /><i>envoyé par Communiketing. - Vidéos des dernières découvertes scientifiques.</i>
But how is Paris going to achieve its 10%? Well:
  • The city will renovate 4,500 housing units per year to dramatically cut emissions.
  • The "city halls" of each of the 20 arrondissements  will be given a full energy saving refurb. 
  • The fleet of municipal vehicles will be optimized and streamlined.
  • Deep geothermal wells will be dug in the north-east of the city powering 12,000 homes. 
But hey, don't take my word for it. Get over to 10:10 France's site and read all about it. Hop over to for full details.

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