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07 April, 2011

Sustainable Development Week

Today is the last day of France's week long celebration of Sustainable Development. It kicked off on April 1st with the Sustainable Consumerism Salon held at Paris's Pte. Versailles Exhibition Halls and ends today with a nod to all the accomplishments the various regions in France have made during the past year.
Aquitaine, known best for the city of Bordeaux, is the region in France that came out on top for its Sustainable Development efforts. Bordeaux opened its Maison Eco Citoyenne doors this Winter. It is located right on the riverfront and is pictured below.
Here, any citizen can wander in and learn more about sustainable habits whether they be for business, household, community or personal. Here is the Aquitaine's complete report card: In terms of the number of Eco initiatives it undertook in 2010, the Aquitaine was the number one region in France with 500 action-plans registered in the Minister of Sustainable Development's program and 600 partners.
In France, in total, 3700 participants responded to the call to organize events and participate in sustainable development programs. They included: village associations, film screenings, art and public information exhibits, festivals, art studios...
If you missed the Consommateurs Durable at the Paris Prte. Versaille Exhibit Hall, not to worry, you can find online many of the farmers who will gladly sell directly to you from their farms.

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

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