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01 July, 2011

Paris Treasure Hunt 2011

July 1, 2011 (Paris, France) The 2011 “Paris Treasure Hunt” will be held on Saturday 
July 2 and is expected to be the biggest and best yet.  With  13 town halls involved and 63  
different  routes stretching across more than 225 kilometers, the estimated 25 000 participants 
for the event’s sixth edition  will  have to track  down the mysterious Sandman, the mythical 
character who sprinkles sand over children’s eyes to send them into the dream world.
An unusual and festive exploration of Paris organised by  the City of Paris  in  association  
with  the  town halls  of 12 Parisian arrondissements and the neighbouring town of Saint 
Ouen, the 2011 “Paris Treasure Hunt” will allow Parisians as well as French and foreign 
visitors to become amateur detectives and discover an enigmatic Paris. 

Groups of friends and families set off in pursuit of the Sandman, but in doing so, step 
into  a Paris of  waking dreams and enchanting reality as they come across little known 
areas of Paris: hidden gardens, narrow streets, underground paths and secret 
passages.  They will also  discover  some of the city’s different  neighbourhoods and 
the craftsmen, shopkeepers, artists and  networks of associations that animate 
community life.

An entertaining and festive event open to all, the challenges participants face aim to 
promote the values of solidarity and sharing. Like every year, fully accessible routes 
are available to people with reduced mobility, and expert routes have been created 
for the most experienced detectives.

What’s new for the 2011 edition?
• An extended perimeter: three new  arrondissements are participating in the 
operation. This year, the 10th, 15th and 17th join the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 
13th, 18th, 19th and 20th arrondissements as well as the town of Saint-Ouen for the hunt.

• An intriguing plot: experience a waking dream in Paris and unmask the 
mysterious Sandman who has stolen Parisians’ dreams.

• An iPhone application  for the event: this year the treasure hunt also features 
an option for smartphone-users.

• Going underground: thanks  to a partnership with the RATP, this sixth edition 
also takes place in subterranean parts of the capital.

• Totems:  Participants are encouraged to bring an object that symbolizes their 
team, the charity association Emmaus Defi (one of this year’s partners) will collect 
these totems after the event.

After the Treasure Hunt the 13 town halls set a  rendez-vous where all of the 
participants of its arrondissement’s treasure hunt meet up in the afternoon after the 
event for a festive moment with refreshments and entertainment,  before attending 
the prize-giving ceremony at 4:30pm.  The first prize is  a rendez-vous at the “secret cabaret”, a
unique soirée featuring a spectacular show  in a  secret location and for one night 
only, details of which are given to the winners. Other prizes include outdoor sports
holidays organized by UCPA.

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